Jobs List

The jobs list is accessed by clicking on Jobs from the left-side menu in Manage.

Jobs List

The Jobs list is accessed by clicking on Jobs from the menu in Manage.

When the list isn't filtered, it will show you a list of the most recently created jobs by default.

Searching & Filtering Jobs

The search at the top can be used to search for specific job numbers, service providers, customers, etc. What's very helpful in narrowing down your view, is the "Filter by" option at the top. You can filter your job list by:

  • Job Status (Offered, Unscheduled, Scheduled, In Progress, Paused, Completed, Canceled)
  • Job Service Type
  • Service Provider Assigned (name of service provider)
  • Job State

You can select multiple filters in order to narrow down your search to exactly the jobs you want to see.

When you've applied filters to the list, you'll see the green and white label indicator.

If you'd like to remove those filters, just click the 'x' on the indicator.

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