Activity Log

Each job in Dispatch includes an activity log, which shows the date and time for every action taken by the provider and your team.

View Activity on a Job

The job details page includes an activity log, which will list all actions taken on this job by the provider and any taken by other Manage users. The activity log shown in the green box will be available on the job details page.

The activity log displays the list in chronological order.

For example, after you have sent a reminder to a provider requesting a status update, the activity log might look like this:

In this example, the Manage user, Rob Simons, created the job and we can see the date and time this was done.

The Manage user, Erin Meade, sent a reminder to the provider, Done Right Home Services.

Actions taken by the provider will show the activity, date and time, while it will will not show the individual username.

Additionally, you will notice that the job status changed to ‘Unscheduled’- as shown in the green box, on the top-left of the page. The job status changed to ‘Unscheduled’ because the provider, Done Right Home Services, accepted the offer.

This is the same job, after there has been additional activity from the provider, Done Right Home Services.

Here, we can see that the job status changed to 'Paused' while the appointment was completed.

The job status is paused because the provider selected an appointment completed reason that triggers a paused state. Complete reasons are specific to each account. Some enterprises include appointment complete reasons such as "Parts Ordered" which indicate that the appointment was completed, while the job itself is not done, additional appointment(s) will be needed when the parts come in.

Looking at the activity log, the Manage user can see all of the activity listed below, as well as the exact date and time of each activity.

The actions shown on the bottom of the list, where the chronological order of activities begins, were performed by Manage users (fellow members of your team), as the users are identified by name.

Shown in the activity log above:

  • When the job was created (or assigned to provider) by a Manage user
  • When a reminder was sent to the provider requesting a status update by another Manage user
  • When Done Right Home Services accepted the job offer
  • When the appointment was scheduled by Done Right Home Services
  • When the technician notified the customer that they were on their way to the appointment
  • When the technician arrived on-site
  • An estimate that was created and sent to the customer
  • There are notes and photos that were added to the job
  • The technician marked the appointment as ‘Completed’ 
  • The job itself is statused as ‘Paused’ because follow-up is required

Manage users are able to view estimates and invoices by clicking on the ID number, shown in blue writing.

When a Manage user clicks on the invoice or estimate ID number, they will be prompted to download the document to view.

Learn more about appointment and job status here.