Engagement Status

High engagement is an indicator that a provider consistently updates job/lead status and keeps you in the loop.

Provider Engagement Status

At the top of the provider profile page and in some of our reporting, a color-coded label indicating the provider’s engagement status is displayed.

Dedham Plumbing Bros is a Highly Engaged Provider

What is Engagement Status?

Engagement status is a monthly measure of the provider’s engagement with the jobs/leads that you’re sending them.

Dispatch has a dedicated Engagement team who works with you to drive adoption and move your pros down the engagement funnel.

On a monthly basis, a number of the providers in your network are sent job offers or leads.

From there, those providers take specific actions in Dispatch which provide you with visibility into the work being done.

Providers are categorized on a monthly basis, as follows:

Low Engaged= Accepting and marking jobs as completed

Engaged= Accepting, scheduling and completing Jobs

Highly Engaged= Providing full statuses, including 'on my way' and 'started' which is done via the mobile app.

Engagement status is an indicator of provider responsiveness to work/leads that are sent to them. A higher engagement status means that the provider is consistently sending status updates, which inform you and your customers.

Highly engaged providers are best positioned to ensure that your customers are taken care of through automated alerts and notifications.

These status updates tend to be given in real-time, when the team members in the field are using the mobile app.

Sometimes, (especially when a process is new) people just need a reminder.

Check out the Status Reminders article to learn about automatic reminder capabilities and ways to send your providers a quick nudge.

Dispatch Engage

Every provider in your network is different.

Dispatch Engage helps promote the adoption of our field service tools and offers every pro the ability to easily provide you with the status of your jobs.

Our dedicated Engagement team works with you to drive engagement by:

  • Partnering with your contractor-facing team from day 1 to optimize network engagement
  • Providing account-specific onboarding and training.
  • Working with your contractor-facing team to embed Dispatch into your existing onboarding for new members of your network
  • Sharing quick resources which highlight how they can leverage Dispatch to benefit their entire business.
  • Hosting regular refresher trainings
  • Providing a large collection of on-demand tutorials
  • Communications to your network (as relevant)
  • Monitoring network metrics to identify trends and opportunities

Connect with your Engagement Manager to dive deeper into engagement strategies and execution.

You can also contact us by sending an email to Engagement@dispatch.me

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