Providers List and Profiles

View all of the providers (contractors/dealers/adjusters/pros) linked to your enterprise and manage them all in one place.


Provider: Dispatch term for the organizations in your network (dealers, contractors, adjusters, pros, franchise locations)

The Providers list is the page that you land on when you login to Manage, which lists the providers linked to your enterprise in Dispatch.

Search for a specific provider or filter the list by service type, state, or provider zip code.

Clicking on any provider will take you to that providers profile page.

Provider Profiles

Each provider in your network has a profile page, which includes:

Why is this important?

Provider Profiles answer these questions:

  • How often is this provider updating the status of work/leads?
  • What Dispatch activities are being performed?
  • How are those things impacting my business? (call volume, ratings, job cycle time, etc)

These are the most important inputs that go into your decision making around who should be in your network and where you should send your jobs. These inputs also change over time as Providers grow and develop.

View Reporting Specific to the Provider

At the top of the Provider Profile, beneath the Provider name, Dispatch ID# and engagement status, is a menu for different metrics available for the provider.

Click on any of these titles to view performance data broken down by category.

Check out the Provider Profile Metrics section next!