Communicate with Enterprise Messaging

With Enterprise messaging, you're able to send direct messages to any provider in your network at the push of a button.

Messaging Service Providers

If included in your Dispatch plan, you're able to send direct messages to any provider in your network at the push of a button.

It works just like instant messaging. When you send a message to a provider via Manage, Dispatchers at the provider’s office will be sent an email alert notification, which contains the message and a reply button. Dispatchers will also be shown a notification in their Dispatch account.

To message a provider directly about a work order, job, lead, or claim:

Type your message into the chat panel shown on the left-side of the job/lead/claim details page and then press enter on your keyboard.

In the above example, Rapid Repairs is the Provider assigned, so the Manage user (Erin Meade) has typed a message into the chat panel to send to Rapid Repairs about this job.

Once the Manage user (Erin Meade) presses enter, the message appears in the dialogue box.

Other Manage users on the account will be able to see that Erin sent the message.

Rapid Repairs (the provider) will be shown the notifications in their Dispatch account:

When the Provider (Rapid Repairs) clicks on the message or open the details page for the job/work order/claim/lead,

the Provider (Rapid Repairs) will be shown a chat panel on the left.

The Provider (Rapid Repairs) will be sent an email alert, which includes the message and a button they click to reply.

When the Provider (Rapid Repairs) clicks ‘Chat with them’, this will open up the conversation in their Dispatch account.

Manage Users can also send Messages via the Jobs Page

If you’d like to view multiple messages at once, you’re able to view your entire inbox by clicking on the ‘Messages’ tab shown at the top of the jobs list. 

The messages tab will show all of your inbox conversations on the left. Clicking on a conversation will open that conversation and show that conversation panel in the middle of the screen, with the job details on the right of the screen. 

Manage provides you with the full job history, so any user on your Manage account is able to view conversations with the provider.

Every Manage user on your account is also able to view the activity log on each job/lead details page in Manage, so everyone has all of the details they need.