Users Dashboard

Managing users on your account

Users Dashboard

To view all current users on your account, select ‘Users’ from the menu on the left.

Adding New Manage Users

In order to add new users to your Manage account, send a list of users which include each individual's full name, email address, and timezone to your Customer Success Manager. If you have explore reporting enabled, the number of licenses available for user access to reporting dashboards is specified in your initial agreement.

Deactivating User(s)

You're able to deactivate any user on your account to revoke access to Manage. Click on the user, then click 'Deactivate' on the bottom of their user panel.

Reactivating User(s)

If you'd like to reactivate a user, find their name in the 'Inactive' tab on the Users dashboard. Click on their name and then click 'Reactivate' on the bottom of their user panel.

Customize View (auto filter)

You're able to add a filter to the user's default view of the providers list and the jobs list, so that they do not need to manually add these filters each time they access a dashboard.

  • Click on the user's name from the User dashboard
  • Click on the 'Filters' tab in their user panel
  • Click on the + button, type in the state abbreviation, hit enter on your keyboard and then click save.