Navigation Tips

Quick tips for navigating the Manage platform

Welcome to Manage!

The menu on the left-side of the page is used to navigate to different dashboards.

Quick tip: use the close and expand menu button shown below to show/hide the menu text and modify the size of your screen.

Click on the caret icon on the left-side menu to expand or collapse your view


Menu items indicate the different dashboards available.

  • Providers: View providers in your network who are linked to your enterprise in Dispatch, view their provider profile, including granular performance data.
  • Jobs: View jobs/claims/leads/work orders and action being taken on these in real-time.
  • Reports: If your account package includes Explore reporting, this is opens up your reporting dashboards.
  • Ratings: If your account is utilizing Dispatch ratings and surveys, you'll be able to view customer completed surveys in real-time.
  • Users: View a list of active users on your Manage account. Modify any user settings as needed here.
  • Help Center: Links that will take you directly to this site

User Name

When you're logged into Manage, your name will be shown on the bottom of the menu. This is important because users are not logged out when the close the browser window, so if you share a computer with anyone else on your team, it's important to make sure you're logged in as the correct user when taking action in Manage.

If you share a device with other team members, best practice is to logout when you're finished with your Manage session.

Erin Meade is the user logged in to Manage in this example

How to Sign Out

Click on the user's name who is currently logged in, a popup menu will appear, then click 'Sign Out'

Wondering about users on your account?

Check out the Account Users section next.