Real-time Ratings

The Ratings dashboard displays the most recent ratings and reviews left by your customers.

Surveys & Ratings

Prompt your customers to provide feedback the moment the job is complete.

Ratings can be set up for your enterprise based on the scale of your choice.

Another option is to set up ratings for your enterprise and the provider. 

Sometimes prompting the customer to rate both entities, helps the customer differentiate between your enterprise and the assigned provider. 

Ratings and surveys may also include optional fields for the customer to check off and/or comment boxes.

Check out the example below, from the customer perspective.

Dispatch is able to customize surveys and ratings to your unique use-case. 

Talk with your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to explore options.

Ratings Dashboard in Manage

If your enterprise uses Dispatch surveys, Manage users are able to view ratings and comments left by customers in real-time.

The ratings dashboard displays surveys submitted by customers in real-time, so your team can jump in and remediate quickly and help prevent customer churn.

Set your filters to the 1-2 star ratings, so you can jump on opportunities to remediate as they happen.

Searching & Filtering

Customize your view and search for specific customers or key words.

You can filter your ratings list by:

  • Star Rating (1-5 stars)
  • Rating Reason
  • Brand Rating (if applicable)
  • Brand Rating Reason
  • Brand (applies if the enterprise you work with has more than one brand using Dispatch)
  • Service Provider
  • Service Type
  • State

Some of our users have dedicated team members who set their filter to 1-3 stars in order to monitor this feed for any emergent issues. This allows the enterprise to remediate a negative customer experience, in real-time, before the customer puts that feedback on a public platform.

Filter by 1-2 stars, identify unhappy customers right away, view job details and take action

If you'd like to explore ratings data, check out the Ratings Report.