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Training Resources & Help for your network

(contractors, pros, adjusters, dealers, franchisees, etc.)

Dispatch Academy for your Network

Dispatch Academy contains brief demos for your network (all under 5 mins) which show them how to use Dispatch features available on their web application and mobile apps.

Getting Started for Service Providers: Dispatcher/Admin Role

Getting Started for Service Providers: Techs in the Field


Quick help articles for your providers using and our mobile apps

Articles contain content for office staff and their technicians.

Send your providers a link to the FAQ page!

Click on the image to the visit FAQ page for Service Providers

Please note: These resources are generalized to provide information on all of the Dispatch functionality available when your providers use and the mobile apps. This content includes info on how they can use Dispatch for their retail work too!
Training content for your network that is specific to the work your enterprise sends providers through Dispatch is provided by your Engagement Manager during onboarding and beyond. If you're not sure where to find the customized training content created for your network, please reach out to your Engagement Manager.