Gateways for Providers Using Another Tool

Are there providers in your network who are using another tool that they love?

Every provider in your network is different. Your pros can continue to use their existing field service software, and Dispatch can reflect job status from these tools directly inside our enterprise platform.

Dispatch offers select gateways with outside platforms that will allow jobs coming into a provider's Dispatch account to be synced over. This is helpful if they receive work in Dispatch, but primarily work out of another platform for customer management or scheduling.

Why should providers do this?

By connecting their field service platform with Dispatch, they can receive leads, work orders, or jobs automatically without having to switch between different tools. Enabling the Dispatch gateway empowers their team to action job opportunities quicker, increasing customer satisfaction and completion rates.

Another added bonus of the connection? There's no additional cost!

Check out this link for information on our current gateway offerings